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1 Workington on Sat Apr 04 2015, 22:02

Another game I felt very frustrated at by the final whistle, although for different reasons, this was a vastly improved performance and we where just about the better side, but it is another defeat, we had chances and didn't take them, had chances to clear the ball before the goal and didn't.

We where shaky early on, thought Lait was lucky to get away with a rash looking challenge and brilliant work from Coleman, then Knight to prevent a goal after it was headed back by a Stourbridge player. The best chance fell to Benbow after great work by Dodd to square the ball to him, he managed to clear the newly errected fence! two decent chances in the second half as well, it's just not going for him at all.

As the game wore on we looked the most likely to score but you always felt we wouldn't, surprised Dodd was subbed as he'd looked the best player up to that point. Good finish into the top corner by the player manager but it was another poor goal to give away, should have been dealt with before then. I'd say the crowd was 341 + 1 as one chap seemed to be loitering around the cricket pavilion all afternoon, not there for the net practice I don't think.

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2 Re: Workington on Sat Apr 04 2015, 23:28

The +1 was a familiar face lol

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3 Re: Workington on Sun Apr 05 2015, 00:00

Aled wrote:The +1 was a familiar face lol

Was he wearing a white hood and carrying a pitchfork Aled? Shocked Evil or Very Mad Laughing Twisted Evil

Talking of pitchforks,a loss on Monday and there will be a rush on them at all hardware stores in the Stourbridge area next week.

Come on lads FFS,give us one bright spot in a truly dismal season.

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4 Re: Workington on Sun Apr 05 2015, 00:25

I thought we played pretty well today and deserved at least a point, just lacked that cutting edge and a bit of luck in front if goal.

The +1 was none other than TCP viewing from deep long off!

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5 Re: Workington on Sun Apr 05 2015, 00:31

Aled wrote:I thought we played pretty well today and deserved at least a point, just lacked that cutting edge and a bit of luck in front if goal.

The +1 was none other than TCP viewing from deep long off!

Like i said mate,"wearing a white hood and carrying a pitchfork" so my suspicion's were correct.

Check out the form table for the last four months Aled,i reckon we'd be bottom four over that period,simply unacceptable.

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6 Re: Workington on Sun Apr 05 2015, 09:02

Again a reasonable performance but failure to take our chances cost us. Luke got into all the right places but just needs to get one in the net. Once that happens I think it will all start happening for him again.
This season has been a bit of a write off. Have to hope that the management team can learn from it and give it a good go next year.

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7 Workington on Sun Apr 05 2015, 11:18

An entertaining game saw us unlucky not to get a point against a side who showed why they are in a strong play-off position.

At times, particularly in the first half, our defence was creaking but, after weathering the storm, we came more into the game. The second period followed a similar pattern and it was frustrating to see the comedy of errors resulting in the only goal.

Luke B is completely out of form and seems weighed down by his current goalscoring record of 1 in 25 games. I think he should be rested - perhaps he can re-discover his form when playing on Sundays !!!

Am not convinced that Leon M is the strong dominating central defender that we need. Chris Lait just could not get into the game which seemed to pass Leon B by. Junior got stuck in and it was good to see Drew back to form.

I think we have all shrugged our shoulders to this season and started to think of next year but our current record of just 17 points from the last 60 should not be overlooked.

Still, yesterday's was a much better performance from our team. Roll on tomorrow !!!

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8 Re: Workington on Sun Apr 05 2015, 12:24

I agree DA, the form guide doesn't make pretty reading. In fact, the derby on Monday is probably between two of the worst records in the past few months.

That said, what I witnessed yesterday was a good performance against a quality side, much better than the performances 6-7 games ago.

This season is done, but there are promising signs for next season in my humble opinion.

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9 Re: Workington on Sun Apr 05 2015, 16:10

Not that bad a performance yesterday, just hope the goals start flowing tomorrow when we go up the A458 to our brummie neighbours at the san siro/bernabau/nou camp of the midlands.  Thought about the brummies when watching an old episode of spitting image and the song " i've never met a nice South African", thinking that "I've never met a nice H*l*s*w*n fan" would sound better.

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10 Re: Workington on Sun Apr 05 2015, 20:49

Man of the Match voting was as follows:


Drew Canavan 7

Leon Broadhurst
Chris Lait } 3
Chris Knight

Matt Dodd
Luke Benbow } 1
Luke Connolly
Brian Smikle

Winner of the wine was PAUL KNOWLES

Thanks to all who took part.

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